Host Your Own Fantasy Football Draft Party

Host Your Own Fantasy Football Draft Party

Use a few of these basic hosting tips to throw your own draft party at home.

There’s a lot more to putting together a fantasy football draft party than gathering tasty snacks and football enthusiasts talking about player stats and potential possibilities for a team. When hosting a fantasy football draft party, there are several “must have” items to ensure a fun and successful draft.

  • It’s important to plan ahead to allow invitees plenty of time to make arrangements, to either attend or decline. Include an RSVP date in your invitation.
  • Have a back-up list of invitees just in case you need replacements.
  • Providing plenty of tech gadgets is mandatory. You’ll need a cable or WiFi connection, as well as plenty of  available plugs and outlets for computers battery chargers. It’s important to provide support so everyone can stay up-to-date on the draft prospects, rankings and injuries.
  • If you’re drafting the traditional way, you’ll definitely need a draft board with player info.
  • You’ll need enough comfortable seating for everyone to have clear views of the draft board.
  • Go over the rules of a fantasy football league so everyone is on the same page.
  • Supply ample food, snacks and beverages to accommodate all taste buds from meat eaters to vegetarians.

Start making your plans early at your Legacy Farm home for fantasy football draft season and be ready for for plenty of gridiron action.

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